Roy Sablosky

I am an editor and writer specializing in science and philosophy. I am the chief copyeditor for several peer-reviewed journals, and I have copyedited nine books for University of California Press. I have edited work in (for example) sociology, urban planning, water resources management, civil engineering, and quantum mechanics. I have written on sociology of religion, philosophy of science, and many technical subjects. My technical background includes information architecture and CMS design for dozens of websites. Write to me at roy-dot-sablosky at sablosky-dot-com, or call (301) 919-0229.

“I really appreciate your editing, comments, and suggestions. I’m really impressed with your work. Wow.”
—Loren Kajikawa, author of Sounding Race in Rap Songs, University of California Press, 2015

“Roy Sablosky did a superlative job copyediting the manuscript.”
—Victor Tan Chen, in Cut Loose: Jobless and Hopeless in an Unfair Economy, University of California Press, 2015

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“Does Religion Foster Generosity?” a peer-reviewed article on the sociology of religion
Science briefs like those in the first few pages of Science and Nature
Year in Review for a trade organization
“Newton and the Next Million Years” an essay in the philosophy-of-science tradition
Site administrator’s guide back-end documentation for a site built in Plone
Content governance guidelines for users of a content management system based on Magnolia