Roy Sablosky

Roy SabloskyI am an editor and writer specializing in nonfiction. From my home in Sacramento, California, I work for authors and publishers worldwide. I have provided developmental, line, or copy editing for dozens of book-length works (including twenty trade books for University of California Press) and thousands of journal articles. I am the principal copyeditor for several peer-reviewed journals, including Asian Survey, International Organization, and Sociology of Development. In late 2020 I copyedited the California Surgeon General’s report, Roadmap for Resilience. I have also published as an author in the peer-reviewed literature; see my article here. My résumé is here. Write to me at, or call (301) 919-0229.

Author feedback

The copyeditor was very considerate, thoughtful, and careful … a pleasant surprise to the authors. I would like to leave special thanks to the copyeditor. —Co-author of an article in Asian Survey

Roy: Thank you. You did a fabulous job. I’ve published 3 books and 80 or journal articles and book chapters. I’d have to say you are the best copy editor I’ve ever encountered. —Co-author of an article in Sociology of Development

Thanks again for the very thorough work you did here. It really makes such a difference. I wish other journals worked with editors as skilled as you! —Author of an article in Sociology of Development

Your editing is terrific. —Tom Cornsweet, author of Seeing: How Light Tells Us about the World (University of California Press, 2017)

Reader feedback (from Amazon reviews of Thewissen’s The Walking Whales)

I’ve read a lot of good books lately on marine life and its prehistory, but Thewissen’s stands out. He simply does everything right. —Matthew A. Bille

One of the best paleontology books I have read … so delightful and well written, that I could hardly put it down. —Richard D. Norris

Highly readable and entertaining. —Benjamin A. Tagle